9/2/21: Hurricane Ida Update

Good Morning to our NOCP and Hoffman Families.
As we navigate yet another devastating weather event, we are heartbroken for our families and NOCP community. We know that many of you are still trying to survive and stay positive in this unbelievable situation while navigating all the challenges placed before you. Here at NOCP, family comes first. We commend you all for working under such stressful conditions while balancing your family life.
Please be informed that due to the impacts of Hurricane Ida, all NOCP site locations will remain closed to both in-person and virtual learning until further notice.
We will continue to provide updates for Hoffman Early Learning Center as we learn more from city and state officials.
We urge you to follow our social media platforms as we will post various helpful and verified information for additional support and resources. We can’t wait to see each other again, but until then, continue to stay strong, take care of each other, and most importantly, stay safe. We will get through this together.
Debido a los impactos del huracán Ida, todos los colegios de NOCP permanecerán cerradas para clases en persona y virtual hasta nuevo aviso. Mientras navegamos por otro desastre natural, estamos desconsolados por nuestras familias. Sabemos que muchos de ustedes todavía están tratando de sobrevivir y mantenerse positivos en esta increíble situación mientras navegan por todos los desafíos que se les presentan. Aquí en NOCP, la familia es lo primero. Los felicitamos a todos por trabajar en condiciones tan estresantes mientras equilibran su vida familiar.
Porfavor siga nuestros canales en social media para mas informacion de recursos.