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Volunteer Opportunities

We encourage parents to engage with teachers in their child’s growth and development. Our goal at Hoffman is to foster family involvement that enhances parents’ knowledge of their child’s development, and supports them with incorporating research-based best practices at home.
Each month, parents have opportunities to get involved in the life of the school through participation in Parent Meetings, School at Home Calendar activities, and Parent Conferences (which are held periodically). We ask each family to contribute a minimum of 50 volunteer hours per program year. Volunteer hours can also be generated the following ways: aiding in your child’s class throughout the day (i.e. read-alouds) or in other areas of the center (i.e. food service, campus beautification), attending Parent Committee and/or Classroom Meetings, and volunteering during center-wide events and activities.
Each month, teachers will send home your child’s School at Home Calendar that will include a variety of activities to do with your child. The School at Home Calendar serves as a vehicle to communicate concepts being explored in their child’s development or learned in the classroom and offers parents opportunities to be involved in their child’s learning experiences. Submitting this completed form each month will count toward your parent volunteer hours. Your signature confirms the time you have spent completing the suggested learning activities with your child.